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This rug features a unique tufted design that creates a plush and cozy feel underfoot. The rug is available in various sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your space.The rug is mostly made of wool with a glossy part made of viscose which gives an elegant look. The rug is designed with different tufted techniques that create multiple textures and patterns. The rug is cut by hand at the edges to create a framing for the different textures.

It is ethically and sustainably made, meeting the standards of Care & Fair certification, making it a responsible choice for your home. Add the Hand Tufted Rug in Wool and Viscose to your space today and enjoy the natural warmth and elegance it brings to your room.

Color: Ivory
Material: Viscose, wool, cotton (back)
Size: 200×300
Since our rugs are handmade, a size variation of +/- 5% may occur.
Thickness/ Pile height: 3cm
Reversible: No
Certificate: Care & Fair
– Vacuum the rug on both sides and on the floor under the rug regularly
– Use a rug underlay to protect both your rug and your floor.
– Rugs with a long pile need to be combed regularly in order for the fibers to retain its apperance. Use a sparce comb.
– Rotate the rug to wear it down evenly. Don’t exposed the rug to direct sunlight.
– Always remove simpler stains immediately when they occur. Wet stains are soaked up with dry kitchen paper. Dry stains should be carefully scraped off the fabric, scraping from the edges of the stain towards the center.
– Never try to move or pull the rug while furniture are standing on the rug. This can damage the rug. Avoid dragging furniture back and forth over the rug. Use floor protectors or covers under the wheels on the sofa- and table legs. Furniture can leave marks on the rug.
– All new carpets have a self-scent that eventually disappears. The smell disappears faster if you ventilate or vacuum the carpet.
Estimated delivery: x weeks / After ordering Door Home will contact you with more specific delivery information.

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